Do you want to learn how to make hats?
You've come to the right place! Our step-by-step, full colour guides show you how to make not just hats but silk flowers, feathered creations, fascinators, tiaras, felt hats, sinamay hats, silk hats and much more.

Whether you've never made a hat in your life before, or whether you're an experienced milliner looking to expand your repertoire, we've got just the ebook for you. Many of our ebooks require no special equipment, while the couture guides will show you how to professionally 'block' silk, sinamay and felt using professional hat blocks.

Learning hat making by attending a course costs time and money. Course fees, travel and accommodation costs all add up. An ebook on the other hand, is both inexpensive and instant, arriving on your computer at the click of a mouse, and because it is a photographic, step-by-step guide, is an extremely effective and easy way to learn.

Join thousands of satisfied customers from around the world in this wonderful new hobby. Be amazing! Stand out! After all, who else do you know who can make hats?

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Learn the secret of how to turn ordinary feathers into exotic head pieces. Dye feathers to just the right colour to match a handbag or dress. No special equipment needed.
Hand made flowers from real silk, made to match your own colours and style. Can be made into headpieces in their own right, or wonderful finishing touches for hats.
Learn to make hats like the professionals! Includes a comprehensive list of the equipment & materials you'll need, and takes you step-by-step through the entire process.

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